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Starter Level Machine Control

The Level Best Para-Level series is a grading blade specifically designed for skid steers. It basically turns your skid steer into a high accuracy grading machine, normally done by dozers and graders.

This highly accurate attachment can simplify all grading projects to help you save time and money. With its simple-to-use design, it makes any operator look like a more experienced finish operator. RDO Integrated Controls has combined the Level Best PL series attachment with the Topcon laser system to give you an easy-to-operate grading machine. And you can use that same Level Best and upgrade to fully automated 3D GPS or for even higher accuracy, mmGPS. With the options of laser, 3D GPS, or mmGPS, RDO Integrated Controls offers one of the most versatile skid steer attachments in the market. The unique motor grader-like design and reversible cutting edge allows operators to grade both in forward and reverse. The design also gives you stability to make smooth passes with exceptional control. With the use of the hydraulic valve, full automation allows you to make a smooth finish and reach finish grade a lot more efficiently. Features: • Three available widths: 72”, 84”, 96” • Push-pull design grades move forward or in reverse • Reversible cutting edge on all sides • Foam-filled tires on oscillating axle • Universal mount skid steer compatible • Single or dual mast options Use on your next project: • Concrete Subgrade • Parking lots • Fine Grading projects • Parks, golf courses and sports fields • Side walk construction • Footings and building pads • Spreading rock and gravel • Landscaping projects Level Best, paired with the latest in Topcon technology, offers you a total solution for your next construction project. Contact us to learn more.

February 22, 2016 | Author: Jason Pearson

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